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Practice and Discussion on Core Course Construction of Medical Imaging CT Based on Working Process

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.052


Zhengfeng Hua, Jiao WEI

Corresponding Author

Zhengfeng Hua


Owing to the fast progress of social economy, medical and health undertakings have made great progress, and the demand for high-tech and skilled medical talents is more urgent. Higher vocational medical colleges need to foster high-quality practical talents suitable for social needs. In the teaching activities of higher vocational colleges, we should apply the working process teaching mode, optimize the teaching content, highlight the key points of CT clinical operation, and strengthen the construction of medical imaging CT core curriculum, so as to increase the teaching level and promote the construction and development of disciplines. This paper expounds the connotation of working process teaching mode, analyzes the advantages of working process teaching mode in medical curriculum construction, and explores the practice of medical imaging CT core curriculum construction based on working process.


Working process, Medical imaging,CT core courses, Construction practice