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Teaching Exploration of Educational Drama in Primary and Secondary Schools

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.045


Yiru Wang

Corresponding Author

Yiru Wang


In recent years, the concept of educational drama has been introduced into China, and has been tentatively carried out in the first tier cities, but it is still carried out in a relatively small academic circle, and has achieved certain results. So far, the education authorities and most primary and secondary schools have not carried out the experiment of educational drama, and even many people understand educational drama as teaching drama enlightenment course. Obviously, for our students who are used to the “Chinese style” primary and secondary school curriculum teaching, it is easier to accept a flat and static teaching method. This indoctrination mode has its advantages, and it can even be said that the mode is more suitable for our students, because our students follow a passive mode of thinking, so can the educational drama based on the western teaching concept be effectively played in our country? Or how can we carry out the teaching exploration of educational drama? This paper will focus on this proposition.


Educational drama, Primary and secondary schools, Teaching exploration