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Practice of Experiment Teaching System for Basic Mechanics in Multi-Disciplinary Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.042



Corresponding Author



The experimental course of basic mechanics is the foundation of multi-disciplines. Under the new situation of improving the teaching level with the goal of building a high-level university, training excellent engineers and excellent structural engineers, the existing teaching system of basic mechanics experiment cannot support the realization of these goals well. This paper explores several principles, practical measures and assessment index system on how to design and organize the multidisciplinary teaching system of basic mechanics experiment, so that students can analyze and solve problems more actively and deepen their understanding of professional knowledge when learning the multi-disciplinary experimental course. Literature review and extended project experiments are employed to cultivate their logical, critical and innovative thinking, thus improve their comprehensive applicable ability of professional knowledge.


Basic mechanics experiment, Multi-disciplinary, Teaching system, Assessment index system