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On the Research Teaching Model of College English Based on Participatory Design

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.040


Jiahuan Xu

Corresponding Author

Jiahuan Xu


This paper aims to explore a new model of “research-based” teaching model reform of College English (CET) based on the reform of teaching methods and the use of participatory teaching design. In order to stimulate students' initiative and creativity, teachers help students find, analyze and solve problems in the process of students' learning. Research teaching is one of the effective teaching methods to cultivate college students' innovation ability, practical application ability, scientific research ability and communication and cooperation ability. At present, the application of research teaching in teaching practice of some disciplines and specialties in colleges and universities provides a reference for CET curriculum and teaching reform. It is one of the ways to verify the effectiveness of CET research-based teaching by conducting action research and analyzing and summarizing students' feedback information in the process of research-based learning. This paper tries to cultivate students' interest in learning, improve students' academic achievements and improve teachers' teaching quality by means of participatory teaching, and regards it as the teaching task of CET teaching.


Participatory design, Cet, Research teaching