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Analysis of Music Intercultural Communication and Multicultural Music Education from the Perspective of Multiculturalism

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.038


Hongyu Li

Corresponding Author

Hongyu Li


With the development of economic globalization and the deepening of cultural integration at home and abroad, the forms and contents of music education in China are rich, and higher requirements are put forward for teachers' teaching methods and skills. Under the multicultural background, Chinese music education needs to innovate and change on the basis of inheritance, not only to keep pace with the times, but also to insist on the localization and popularization of music education. Cross-cultural communication and multicultural music education can not only promote the development of music education, but also improve students' comprehensive quality. With the in-depth implementation of the new curriculum reform, some reform measures have been taken in music education. In teaching, teachers should use diversified teaching methods to meet the needs of society for music talents. By introducing the theory and basic principles of multicultural music education, this paper puts forward the problems that music teachers should pay attention to in future teaching, and provides a new world view of music.


Cross-cultural communication, Multiculturalism, Music education