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Design and Implementation of Hierarchical Teaching in Computer Major in Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.033



Corresponding Author



In the teaching process of computer major courses in colleges and universities, due to the strong theoretical and practical nature of the teaching courses, it is easy to lead to a large learning gap between students, resulting in great learning pressure for relatively poor students. In the long run, it will greatly reduce students’ learning enthusiasm and interest, not conducive to the long-term progress of computer teaching. Therefore, the continuous integration of hierarchical teaching method breaks the traditional teaching methods, effectively solves the problems of students’ differentiated development in the teaching process, helps students cultivate good learning interest and establish correct values, conducive to their later personalized and all-round development. This part briefly summarizes the hierarchical teaching method, effectively analyzes the hierarchical teaching design and implementation principles of college computer specialty, and puts forward effective hierarchical teaching measures, aiming to provide more teaching reference for college teaching in the future.


Computer major in colleges, Hierarchical teaching, Design and implementation