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Construnction of National First-Class Undergraduate Major of Electronic Information Engineering

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.031


Jin Liu, Jin Wu, Lei Zhu, Huiping Deng

Corresponding Author

Jin Liu


The main problems of Chinese higher education are insufficient support for personality development, insufficient attention to the real world and weak grand and profound thinking. To this end, the Ministry of education implements the “double ten thousand plan” for the construction of first-class undergraduate majors with the notion of facing the future, adapting to the requirements, leading the development, advanced concept and powerful guarantee. With the construction of national first-class undergraduate major as the starting point, we carry out the following educational reform. (1) We make every effort to build and promote the five-elements talent training mode of “integration of knowledge and practice”. The five-elements talent training mode means “Sino US cooperation in running schools pilot class, excellent engineer program pilot class, strategic emerging industry program pilot class, Xiangtao talent program pilot class, ordinary undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship special zone”. (2) We build the curriculum system of “transboundary and integration”. “Transboundary and integration” includes the cross-border of Chinese and foreign curriculum system, enterprise and school, professional integration and cross-border, humanistic quality and engineering quality, emerging artificial intelligence and traditional telecommunications. (3) We build the international double-certificated “first-class” teaching staff. (4) We implement the “student-centred” teaching methods. (5) We build the practical education system of “innovation and entrepreneurship”. (6) We improve the TQC (Total Quality Control) with national standard on the teaching quality and engineering education professional certification. (7) We build “first-class” teaching environment. In this construction process, we combine both innovative spirit and engineering practice ability of students, improve the quality of talent training, and cultivate a group of high-quality applied talents with “steel quality”. Our reform experience can be extended to the majors of computer and electrical engineering, even as a theoretical reference for the construction of other first-class undergraduate majors.


First-class undergraduate major, Electronic information engineering, Higher education