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Strategies for Improving College English Linguistics Teaching from the Perspective of Linguistics Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.018


Liqiong Wei

Corresponding Author

Liqiong Wei


College English language teaching is an educational activity based on linguistic theory. Therefore, taking linguistic theory as the core of college English language teaching is an inevitable trend in the development of education in the new era. Full research on linguistic related theories is Very importantly, in order to promote the theoretical and efficient development of English linguistics teaching in modern colleges and universities, teachers must take linguistic theory as the content of detailed research and comprehensively cultivate students' English learning literacy. This article analyzes the relationship between linguistic theory and English language teaching in colleges, and studies specific strategies for improving English linguistics teaching, aiming to promote the progress and development of contemporary college English teaching.


Linguistic Theory, College English, Language Teaching, Improving Strategies