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Analysis on the Reform and Innovation Methods of Vocal Music Performance Art Teaching in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.017


Jinghan Shang

Corresponding Author

Jinghan Shang


In the context of the comprehensive development of global diversified arts, vocal music teaching in my country's universities is facing the status quo of reform and development. Teachers should summarize the problems and shortcomings in practical teaching in time, and adjust the vocal music teaching plan in a targeted manner. Teachers should combine the vocal talents and abilities of college students to comprehensively train students to close their vocal cords, sing in the vocal zone, breath support, and mask resonance, etc. Skills, only in this way can we promote the innovation of vocal music teaching in colleges and universities, and only in this way can we cultivate high-quality college students. Teachers should combine the vocal music teaching performance process of college students to help students summarize the skills and methods of vocal performance art. Let the students of vocal music, in the process of feeling the charm and connotation of vocal music art, promote the reform process of vocal performance art teaching, so as to fully expand the core literacy of vocal students.


Colleges and universities, vocal music performance art, teaching, reform and innovation strategy