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Study on the Women's Position in Yang Jiang's Literary Works

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.068


Feng Wang

Corresponding Author

Feng Wang


In Mr. Yang’s novels, there are active women who have a distinct personality and dare to love and hate but inadvertently intervene in other people’s marriages or couples. In the contradiction between emotion and morality, ideal and reality, their pursuit of love sparks the women's awakening, but also reveals the tragic color that emotional entanglement brings to their destiny. On these women's third parties, Mr. Yang was entrusted with thinking about the emotional fate of women. The interpretation of Yang Jiang’s novel texts analyzes the images of female third parties, combined with the author’s own life experiences, and Mr. Yang Xi’s tentative exploration of “females” and personality, emotions and morality, and women’s destiny and outlets can be seen.


Yang Jiang Literary Works, Women Position, Society Effect.