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The practical application of solfeggio in vocal singing

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.010


Liping Chen

Corresponding Author

Liping Chen


The main function of solfeggio is to strengthen the hearing and performance ability of music, and can enhance the memory of music, correctly grasp the rhythm and pitch, as a comprehensive training method, solfeggio training is also an important basis for singing, is the most effective way to accumulate experience. Solfeggio includes the practice ear and visual singing these two aspects, visual singing is mainly based on the score to sing the tune, improve the learner's knowledge of the tune and beat and so on, and the practice ear is mainly to enhance the memory of music and rhythmic discernment, it can be said that visual singing ear is the basic curriculum content of music education, but also engaged in music work personnel need to have the basic skills, especially important for vocal singers. This paper first expounds the content of solfeggio, and explores the practical application of solfeggio in vocal singing. It is hoped that through this article, it will be enough to improve the learner's understanding of the practicality and application of solfeggio.


Solfeggio, vocal singing, practical application