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Practice and Exploration of School-based Training of Information Technology for Local University Teachers-Taking the Baicheng Normal University as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.005


Mao Dandan

Corresponding Author

Mao Dandan


In the teaching work of colleges and universities to promote information technology and promote the development of higher education, we must focus on strengthening teachers' computer operation level and network moral cultivation, guiding teachers to use computer technology to produce courseware, design web pages, open online forums, and use the Internet to publish. The article promotes the organic integration of information technology and the subject. However, the current school-based teacher information technology school-based training work still has problems such as unclear training objectives, incomplete training content, and some teachers' psychological quality to be improved. Based on a brief description of these issues, this paper will discuss the practical programs of university teachers' information technology school-based training from four aspects: defining training objectives, improving training content, cultivating teachers' correct attitudes, and doing a good job of testing the training results.


College Teachers, Information Technology, School-based Training