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Study of Female Narration in Yang Jiang's Literary Works

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.067


Xue Han

Corresponding Author

Xue Han


As a woman, Yang Jiang has done her job in the trinity role of creation, translation, and literary theory research. She has performed brilliantly in her role as a daughter, wife, and mother and has become the most virtuous wife in the eyes of Qian Zhongshu. How did Yang Jiang succeed in the dilemma of the common cause and family as a modern intellectual woman? After her husband and daughter had left her, what power did support her in the year when she had entered Mi Kui? Texts such as “Our Benevolence” and “Being on the edge of life”, which have both emotional and intellectual qualities, mainly from the feminist perspective interpret the awakening of feminine consciousness embodied in her life practices and creative activities by Yang Jiang and women. The reconstruction of female identity seeks to resolve this doubt.


Yang Jiang, Literary Works, Female Narration.