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The Battle Fight for the Equality and Rights of Women

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.066


Jitong Su

Corresponding Author

Jitong Su


For hundreds of years, women have been committed to improving their social status in many aspects, along the way they have gained a lot significantly. The topic of gender equality has penetrated every aspect and bought a great influence to many people’s lives. Nevertheless, prejudice against women still exists in our whole society. This paper analyses women’s equality and rights from many perspectives, including social movements, like the recent Me-Too movement, and salary gap, biases in daily life and influences in vocation choice, to demonstrate that everyone should attach more importance to the implementation measures of gender equality, as a result, alerting people to think over women’s equality and rights in a critical way. In addition, this paper also takes the Black women into consideration to expose the racial discrimination behind the sexism, but the later is only discussed here.


Gender Equality, Feminism, Gender Wars, Gender Salary Gap, Gender Biases