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Study on the Predicament and Strategy of Governance of New Rural Community in China with Urban-rural Integration

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.034


Dong Zhihui

Corresponding Author

Dong Zhihui


With the deepening of the process of urban-rural integration, the new rural community has developed rapidly. Constantly improving the governance level of new rural communities and promoting the harmony and stability of new rural communities are of great significance for accelerating the construction of urban-rural integration. This paper starts with the analysis of the new rural community governance, and analyzes the causes of the problems through the problems existing in the new rural community autonomy in China. Focusing on the dilemma of new rural community governance, this paper puts forward the governance strategy of new rural community in China under the integration of urban and rural areas. Through the above suggestions and measures, we strive to effectively improve the self-government level of new rural communities in China, and try to provide theoretical basis and practical reference for the self-government ability of new rural communities in China.


Urban-rural integration, New rural community, Community governance, Dilemma, Tactics