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Research on New Chinese Interior Design Style Based on Humanized Design

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.033


Qun Yan

Corresponding Author

Qun Yan


The main expression form of architecture is interior design. Different socio-economic environment and cultural background can produce interior design works with different styles. In the era of increasing attention to the concept of humanization, in order to better meet people's needs, it is very necessary to apply the concept of humanized design in indoor environmental art design. The new Chinese style is not only a combination of Chinese culture and Chinese elements, but also a deep design concept involving Chinese thinking and connotation, which can show the essence of unified Chinese style in the whole and details of interior design. In the art design of indoor environment, we should actively innovate, reasonably incorporate the concept of humanized design, and take humanization as the central idea of design from people's emotions and thoughts. Based on the humanized design concept, this paper explores and analyzes the new Chinese interior design style, and obtains a certain feasible scheme design, which provides a certain inspiration for the creation of interior design style.


Interior design, New Chinese style, Chinese culture, Humanization design