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Construction and demonstration of information-based college English ecological classroom teaching mode

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.032


Yuan Wang

Corresponding Author

Yuan Wang


The wide application of multimedia platform, network information technology and communication network in teaching has had a great impact on the teaching environment, teaching concept and teaching mode. Information is not only the mainstream trend of future education development, but also the inevitable choice to promote the continuous development of teaching. In this paper, the information-based College English ecological classroom teaching mode is studied from the perspective of educational ecology, and the key teaching links to optimize classroom teaching effect are elaborated in detail. Effective ways to construct English ecological classroom are put forward through three dimensions: adaptation and development under situational knowledge, coexistence and competition under intensive knowledge, and bionics and optimization under writing knowledge. The teaching experiments are shared to illustrate the advantages and effectiveness of this model in practical teaching activities, aiming to comprehensively build a harmonious and stable English ecological classroom, realize the construction of information-based College English class, and effectively improve teaching efficiency and quality.


Information-based teaching, College English, Ecological Class, Teaching mode