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Research on the optimization of the development pattern of High Education under the background of "double cycle"

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.031


Yunxiang Zhong

Corresponding Author

Yunxiang Zhong


Due to the impact of "reverse globalization" and the influence of global COVID-19, the "Double cycle" development pattern led by China has entered the "2" era. However, the development order of high education has not changed substantially, and the cooperation mechanism and supply-demand relationship of high education are greatly restricted. In today's country based on education and knowledge, high education has been closely linked with the fate of the country and the people. High education should meet the needs of national and social development and meet the needs of the people for education. Whether the development pattern of high education is scientific or not is directly related to the utilization efficiency of high education resources, affecting the development of high education and the exertion of its functions, thus affecting the development of the whole country and society and the degree to which high education meets the needs of the people.


"Double cycle", High education, Development pattern