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On the necessity of context analysis in interlingual translation from the perspective of semiotics

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.030


Jiaxuan Li

Corresponding Author

Jiaxuan Li


Contextualized analysis can help participants in social communication to understand and apply context well. In translation, contextualization analysis can help translators accomplish the task of cross-cultural communication from two aspects of translation accuracy and readability. The core tasks of social semiotics and translation are related to exploring significance. Therefore, it is logical to study translation from the perspective of social semiotics, and it may become a more comprehensive and scientific methodology to study translation as a social and cultural activity. This paper attempts to explain some core issues of translation within the framework of social semiotics theory, which is different from other social semiotic translation studies. This paper demonstrates the necessity of applying semiotics to the study of interlingual translation in order to find a new breakthrough in translation studies.


Social semiotics, Context analysis, Interlingual translation