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Research on Innovation of Ideology Education Method for College Students under Internet Information Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.029


Li Zhao

Corresponding Author

Li Zhao


Under the coverage of the traditional teaching mode, the ideological education course of university inherits the consistent teaching style, and adopts a single-dimensional knowledge instillation mode. Therefore, the educational form, direction and system of the ideological education curriculum need to be promoted and innovated. With the development of the global integration economy and the deepening of the "internet plus", the curriculum education in China has been comprehensively reformed and deepened, and the innovation of the education system has become the focus of social attention. With the help of the Internet, college students can find friends with similar interests, exchange emotions and thoughts with each other, effectively reduce psychological pressure and help to adjust their psychological state. This paper makes an in-depth study and analysis on the overall improvement of the ideology education model under the background of "internet plus", and then puts forward the relevant improvement strategies of the ideology education model of college students in the "internet plus" era, thus promoting the rapid development of Chinese college students' ideology education.


Internet, Ideology education, Innovate