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The Integration Path of Socialist Core Values Education and Traditional Tea Culture Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.028


Min Zhang

Corresponding Author

Min Zhang


China's tea culture has a history of thousands of years with rich connotations. When inheriting and carrying forward the tea culture, it is necessary to effectively combine the tea culture with the Core values of social ism view.Socialist core values education is an important measure to guide college students out of confusion and clear goals, and the beneficial effect of integrating traditional Chinese tea culture into Socialist core values education is obvious. Tea culture can integrate social morality and cultural awareness and transform them into people's judgments on objective things. Therefore, inheriting Chinese tea culture can effectively abandon the single theoretical education in the concept of Core values of socialism, and actively explore the training methods of Core values of socialism from the practice process. By integrating the contents, methods and channels of Socialist core values education and traditional tea culture, students' self-cultivation and quality can be improved, and students' sense of core values can be enhanced.


Socialist core values education, Traditional tea culture education, Integration