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Exploration of Practical Path of Precise Ideology Education in Universities Based on Mega Data

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.027


Mingjun Cai

Corresponding Author

Mingjun Cai


The integration of mega data technology and ideological education is not only the development trend of future education, but also the inevitable requirement for ideological education to adapt to the development of the times. Precise Ideology Education refers to carrying out an accurate ideology education based on the intervention of cutting-edge technologies such as mega data and artificial intelligence, and guided by precise thinking and ideas. With the help of mega data and artificial intelligence technology, ideological education can realize digitization, personalization, real-time, visualization and intelligence. Universities should recognize the new characteristics of ideological education in the fresh period and actively apply mega data to to the field of ideological education to realize the innovation and development of ideological education, so as to provide necessary support for the improvement of students’ ideological literacy. This paper analyzes the core idea of Precise Ideology Education based on mega data technology, and discusses the practical path of its application in university Precise Ideology Education.


Mega data, Precise Ideology Education, Practice