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Real estate appraisal method and application based on investment model

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.025


Xiaowang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Xiaowang Zhao


In actual real estate transactions, leasing, mortgage, transaction, demolition and other related activities are involved. In order to ensure the rationality of these activities in value, it is necessary for market personnel to combine the basic functions and personality of real estate and closely combine the changes of market rules to make the most reasonable valuation of real estate for a certain type of use in a certain area. Based on the investment model, this paper systematically analyzes and expounds the individual contradictions existing in the current real estate appraisal methods, and puts forward an improved method of income sharing method. In-depth study of the effectiveness and rationality of the improved real estate appraisal method. Perfecting the current real estate appraisal theory and constructing an optimized appraisal method are important foundations for improving the quality of real estate appraisal.


Real estate investment, Real estate appraisal, Application