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The importance of Chinese traditional song pitch elements in modern song creation

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.024


Yang Jingzhou

Corresponding Author

Yang Jingzhou


The essence of Chinese history and culture is very deep. Chinese traditional Song is a treasure of Chinese culture. It is our duty and obligation to carry it forward, as well as an important manifestation of continuing Chinese history and culture.All of the existing Song fields are modern Song. How to integrate modern Song into classical Song to create a breakthrough in Chinese Song as a whole is a common question for everyone who likes to create Song. Modern Song creation should not only quote the elements of Western Song, but also combine the characteristics of traditional Chinese Song. This composition can be combined again according to their own characteristics by combining the Chinese and Western straight notes and twelve-mean melody. In this paper, through the pitch of related tones of traditional Song, combined with cavity and timbre, the single tone is discussed. Finally, it points out the high-pitched elements of traditional Song and the importance of modern Song creation.


Modern Song, Traditional Chinese Song, Pitch Elements