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Analysis of the Communication Value and Communication Strategy of Red Culture from the Perspective of Moral Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.023


Liu Junjian, Yu Qun

Corresponding Author

Liu Junjian


With the increasing globalization of the world economy, various ideological and cultural trends are stirring each other, and cultural communication is permeating human society and human life in all directions. Chinese red culture refers to the revolutionary tradition formed in the process of Chinese revolution and construction under the leadership of the CPC (Communist Party of China), which is the organic component of China's advanced culture. The dissemination of red culture is a process in which the disseminators of red culture use various carriers, means and methods to effectively disseminate red culture. The degree of realization of culture in a country depends not only on its own value, but also on its satisfaction with the needs of a specific country. This paper analyzes the dissemination value of red culture from the perspective of moral education from the perspective of communication, and then puts forward relevant dissemination strategies to further improve the present dissemination of red culture and enhance its effectiveness and systematicness.


Red culture, Dissemination, Moral education