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Application of Information Technology in University Library Management

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.020


Wanmin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Wanmin Zhang


The 21st century is gradually entering a new information society. As a knowledge-based social organization, universities have made rapid development in the field of education through the application of information technology. From the perspective of information construction of university library management, great achievements have been made, and the development of library management information has been promoted. Information technology has changed people's production and life style. With the continuous development of information technology, the impact of information technology on social life will only increase. The informationization of university library management is the "general trend" of the development of university library, and it is of great practical significance to actively carry out the informationization construction of university library management. Starting from the present situation of modern university library management, this paper analyzes the problems existing in library management, the necessity of informationization and the standardization requirements of library management.


Information technology, University, Library management work