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Discussion on the practical teaching system of vocational rehabilitation technology specialty based on employment orientation

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.018


Wei Zhou, Siqing Song

Corresponding Author

Wei Zhou


Rehabilitation in China is developing rapidly, and there is still a high demand for rehabilitation talents. Under the influence of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine rehabilitation as the characteristics and inevitable trend of rehabilitation in China, the students majoring in rehabilitation technology master the corresponding skills, which will significantly increase their advantages in the employment competition. Therefore, it is particularly important to formulate professional training programs to reflect professional applicability and pertinence, and to set up reasonable courses and standardize teaching. Only in this way can teaching quality be effectively improved, and high-quality technical and skilled talents can be trained to meet social needs. In this paper, employment-oriented, practical operation ability training as the focus and professional ability cultivation as the main line actively promote the reform of practical teaching, improve the quality of practical teaching, and train high-quality and high-skilled rehabilitation technical personnel.


Employment oriented, Higher vocational rehabilitation treatment technology major, Practical teaching system