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Analysis on the Feasibility of Work Division in the Wa Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.014


Yijie Liu

Corresponding Author

Yijie Liu


Traditional villages are formed in the long-term process of inheriting farming civilization, condensing historical memories and reflecting the progress of civilization. Traditional villages not only have the functions of inheriting history and culture, but also have important value in promoting the construction of ecological civilization. The traditional village of Wa nationality retains the original architectural style and local customs of Wa nationality, and its architecture and lifestyle inherit the characteristics of ancient Wa nationality villages, which is the symbol of the history and culture of the ancient Wa nationality and the home of human spiritual civilization. As a part of Chinese culture, the Wa culture always reveals the shadow of Han culture. This paper will prove the feasibility of this division of labor from three levels: family, village and ethnic community.


Wa Culture, Han Chinese Society, Work Division, Gender Politics