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The Origins and the Solutions of Uncivilized Behaviors in Cinemas

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.009


Zewen Wu, Siqi Zhu, Yanning Zhang, Wenye Lu, Zihuan Xiong, Jiarui Li

Corresponding Author

Zewen Wu


Despite cinema having become a popular public place for Chinese citizens, the tendency among few Chinese citizens to admit the significance of behaving well in cinema seriously interferes with the audience's experience of watching movies and the atmosphere in cinemas has not nearly shared at all. Focusing on the causes of uncivilized behaviors, this paper proposes three main causes through literature research, questionnaires, interviews and other methods. Firstly, historical factors lead to the fact that Chinese audiences are not able to develop the habit of watching movies in a civilized way. Secondly, the audience is unconsciously engaged in rude behaviors. The low moral level of audiences and the lack of consciousness to avoid uncivilized behaviors are taken into account and regarded as the third factor. This paper suggests that some uncivilized behaviors can be solved by the following methods: 1) People's awareness of watching movies civilly can be enhanced by reminding people through the publicity video, 2) Exert an influence on the bilateral prevention of uncivilized behaviors involved with others throughout the whole film and improve the overall viewing environment. The study also finds out that the uncivilized behaviors haven’t been effectively improved via warnings made by staff towards audiences before watching films.


Cinemas, Uncivilized Behaviors, Civility, Moral, Solutions