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The Demand of Abolishing Minimum Wages

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.007


Tang Yahan

Corresponding Author

Tang Yahan


The minimum wage is only expressly stipulated by the national law. Under the premise that the laborer provides a normal cloud roof of the legal working hours or the working hours agreed in the labor contract signed according to law, the wage that the employer should pay within the minimum limit according to law, which is enough to maintain the basic living needs of the employees and their average support population, is the legal minimum wage. The purpose of this system is to promote employment by setting a minimum wage standard, and to ensure that low-skilled workers can earn incomes not lower than this standard. At present, many people think that this policy made in good faith ignores the unemployment effect under the minimum wage, so they call for the abolition of this policy. This article will prove the necessity of abolishing the minimum wage in many aspects.


Minimum wage, Reasons, Government, Social Development