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On the Strategies of Cultivating Students' Lifelong Sports Consciousness in Physical Education Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2021.001


Lu Milan, Li Kun, Fang Yuan

Corresponding Author

Lu Milan


With the rapid development of modern society, people's pace of life is accelerating, work pressure and mental tension are deepening, but physical exercise activities are decreasing day by day. In this environment, the concept of "lifelong sports" has been more and more widely recognized and concerned. At present, the thought of lifelong physical education also has a deep impact on the reform and development of school physical education, making a series of reforms in school physical education teaching thought, teaching content, teaching methods and so on.In the research process, this paper uses the methods of literature review, questionnaire survey and data statistics to investigate and study the current situation of students' lifelong sports consciousness, combined with the analysis results, puts forward implementable suggestions for physical education, and lays a good foundation for the publicity of lifelong sports consciousness.


Physical education teaching, strategies,lifelong sports consciousness