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Ideological and Political Education Leading the Construction of University Campus Culture in the Network Information Age

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.065


Zhong Jiehua

Corresponding Author

Zhong Jiehua


With the continuous integration of network information and university culture, this new campus ecology not only breaks the old traditional university ideological and political education management and organization mode, but also subtly changes and reshapes the values of university students. Therefore, in the new era, in addition to using the traditional basic methods of ideological and political education, ideological and political educators must keep pace with the times, thoroughly explore the problems faced by the development of campus culture in the information age, and clarify ideological and political education. The role of education in the construction of colleges and universities, comprehensively consider the development and problems of cultural construction in colleges and universities, and correctly propose development solutions.


Network information, ideological and political education, colleges and universities, campus culture construction