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Research on the Humanized Multiple Design of Urban Daily Life Space

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.064


Gong Haofeng

Corresponding Author

Gong Haofeng


This paper takes “daily life space” as the design focus, taking Harbin as an example, and tries to construct a set of urban design strategies that are more suitable for daily life space. Combining the characteristics of daily life space with cultural elements to guide contemporary urban design, this strategy fully embodies the humanization and diversified design concepts, and provides useful supplements to existing urban design. On the basis of comprehensive relevant theories, practical experience and existing problems, we clarify the principles of urban design, and propose humane and diversified design strategies from both the macro and micro levels. So as to make the urban daily space more in line with the needs of humanization and diversification of daily life, and promote the healthy development of the city.


City, Daily life space, Humanization