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Research on the application of popular culture symbols in animation schema

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.063



Corresponding Author



In recent years, China's animation industry has developed rapidly, but it is also affected by many factors. There are still some problems in animation schema design, such as uneven good and bad, poor integration of cultural symbols and so on. In order to solve the above problems and effectively increase the cultural penetration effect of animation industry, this paper proposes to study the application of popular cultural symbols in animation schema. Based on the semiotics principle, this paper finds out the structural characteristics of popular culture with the characteristics of animation visual symbols as the basis of creation, introduces the concept of popular culture symbols and its application function in animation schema design, so as to effectively create an animation schema image that can not only meet the needs of entertainment, but also convey the connotation of cultural spirit. Combined with the development status and trend of animation industry, the application methods of popular culture symbols in animation schema are optimized and improved, so as to effectively improve the level and characteristics of animation production, and better ensure the cultural output and penetration effect of animation industry.


Popular culture symbol, animation schema, animation design