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The “Flexible” Demand in Interior Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.063


Jing Zeng, Jingyi Chen

Corresponding Author

Jing Zeng


Nowadays with the modern pace of life gets faster and faster, people’s demand towards the superior living environment turns to be higher and higher, and the modern interior design needs to make further progress. On one hand, it always takes several months to finish a set of interior design, ranging from the construction work to putting into use, and meanwhile due to the waste gas (such as methanol), waste materials and so on left from decoration project would have an effect on people’s health, the environment protection and energy saving are increasingly becoming the emphasis concerned by people. On the other hand, with the acceleration of the variation of fashion trend in the market, people may be fond of various kinds of things, resulting in the greater demand towards the flexibility of interior space. In addition, it will consume plenty of manpower, material resources and time in traditional decoration project, i.e. treating walls and ground, installing pipelines and ceilings, flooring and such, making resource waste and environmental pollution unavoidable. More flexible and versatile “flexible” factors in interior design are more and more demanding by people.


Environment, modern interior design, decoration project.