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Research on the Innovation and Development of Huangmei Opera Stage Art Creation in the Digital Information Age

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.060


Hu Xiang

Corresponding Author

Hu Xiang


Stage art design is an important part of Huangmei Opera, which plays an important role in the artistic plot, environmental atmosphere, historical background and the shaping of characters. However, there are many problems restricting the development of contemporary Huangmei stage art. Digital media art is the new trend of artistic creation. From audio-visual art to audio-visual interaction, from virtual reality to interactive media of communication between people and works, digital technology provides artists with more creative ideas. However, Huangmei Opera has a high degree of compatibility with digital media technology in stage technology. The promotion of stage expression by digital media technology has brought art schools and lost expression techniques to the stage, and promoted the integration of unique digital technology and the stage.


Digital media technology, Huangmei opera, stage art