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Exploration of Online English Major Teaching Reform under the Background of Informatization

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.056


Li Yang

Corresponding Author

Li Yang


Under the background of informationization, new things such as campus network, digital classroom, multimedia teaching and network courseware are constantly emerging, which further strengthens the important position of network information technology in education and teaching. College English is a basic course in college education and an important way to improve students?? English language ability. With informationization, universities should make full use of Internet technology, innovate and optimize English-major language teaching (EMT), adopt multi-interaction mode, promote EMT reform, and promote students?? English learning ability. Informatization is a manifestation of the development of the times and a powerful guarantee for improving the overall level of Chinese education. Based on the information background, this paper analyzes the connotation of online EMT mode in detail, and puts forward an effective way to reform online EMT mode, aiming at effectively improving the quality of EMT.


Informatization, online, English major teaching, Reform, Teaching quality