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A new probe into the inheritance and development of Chinese ancient literature by new media

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.055


Ri Xia

Corresponding Author

Ri Xia


Today has entered the Internet era. In this era, new media technology is being popularized all over the country, penetrating into all walks of life and becoming the mainstream trend, and has achieved some results in some aspects. In the new media era, the survival and development of literary classics have encountered a serious crisis. With the continuous development of human society and the rapid rise of information technology, various forms of cultural phenomena and literary works continue to produce and develop, gradually forming a situation of multi-cultural coexistence. This makes Chinese ancient literature gradually decline, and many people don't like reading ancient prose, or even can't understand it. Under the current situation, new media has been welcomed and loved by young people. This brand-new form can also be used to inherit ancient Chinese literature. Contemporary literature teachers must use teaching materials, classrooms and new media to stimulate young students' love for ancient Chinese literature and even Chinese culture, so that young students must master and pass it on.


New media, Ancient literature, Inheritance and development