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Analysis on the Countermeasures of Recruiting College Graduates from the Perspective of Career Development

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.054


Na Wu

Corresponding Author

Na Wu


In the new period, the recruitment work in universities is faced with the dilemma of low enthusiasm and utilitarian motivation of college students. The reasons are negative influence of social environment, college students' own factors, insufficient recruitment propaganda and lack of attraction of recruitment policy. Under the new situation, we are required to help college graduates realize their dream of smooth military service and lifelong development according to their specialties and professional characteristics, and we are required to discuss the recruitment of contemporary college students in depth with the concept of career development. With the passage of time and the deepening of conscription work, there are some problems in college conscription work in the new period. Based on the concept of career development education, this paper explores the significance of career development education in the recruitment of college graduates, constructs a comprehensive management strategy system with career development education as the main body, and puts forward constructive suggestions on the practical work of recruiting college graduates.


College student, Conscription, Career development