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Development and Design of Tourist Souvenirs in Zhejiang Province Based on Red Theme

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.053


Dong Weng

Corresponding Author

Dong Weng


In recent years, China's tourism industry has been developing rapidly, especially the red tourism, which has been paid more attention and developed. As a branch of cultural tourism, the red tourism has a strong specialty and is the product of the construction of spiritual civilization in the process of modernization. It is of great significance at this stage and is of great concern.The development of Nanhu scenic area in Jiaxing plays a leading role in the formation of the "red tourism" industry chain, and at the same time, it promotes the development and construction of domestic red tourism scenic areas. A cruise ship in Nanhu Lake, Jiaxing, which is now called "Red Boat", is the place where the Communist Party of China came to an end, and its historical and practical significance is self-evident. By using the design and development process, the red boat Tourist souvenirs in the scenic area are redesigned, which will help the renewal of the South Lake red boat Tourist souvenirs and promote the red boat spirit and red boat culture.


Red tourism, Tourist souvenirs, Development, Design