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The Effect of Bloomfield Structuralism Linguistics on English Teaching in Applied Undergraduate Institutions

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.062


Wang Yuhong

Corresponding Author

Wang Yuhong


Bloom-field's structuralist theory of language, just like other theories, is accompanied by profound social background and theoretical background. American anthropologists find Indians indigenous language is dying out, and suffers from no relevant written records, leading to fewer and fewer people to use the Indian language. Meanwhile anthropologists are collecting, compiling and arranging Indian language, and they have developed a set of language programs in practice that can automatically discover and study grammar. Institutions in the preparation of English lesson plans and teachers in the process of practical teaching, cannot be categorized simply by blunt, taking into account the exchange of language characteristics, while taking into account the language structure of the classification of English words and sentences, so that English teaching can be more in line with practical application.


Structuralism, Linguistics, Practical application.