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The Reasons Why We Should Not Criticize Those in the Past by the Standards of today

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.044


Jia Han

Corresponding Author

Jia Han


The medieval eras of King James II and King Charles II sported styles that made them look flamboyant in attire, such as skirts. However, with the massive change achieved by society today, such styles will only attract more attention. Thus, these trends that were considered normal in one era might not retain the same value as another. Social development has resulted in the constant evolution of standards and so making judgments based on current expectations would be unfair. Standards are defined as morally acceptable behaviors and these standards are always dynamic, changing as the time changes being easily affected by society and a specific situation at a certain time. Thus, if we do criticize the past by today??s norms, we wouldn??t be any better off in the future. However, doing so only perhaps increases the potential of letting them off the hook and disregarding the darker side.


Standards, Social Development, Society, Moral Relativism