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The Tourism Development of Ethnic Cultural Resources in Henan Province under the Background of "the Belt and Road"

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.061


Lingchong Jia

Corresponding Author

Lingchong Jia


There are nearly 1.4 million ethnic minority populations in Henan Province, and the Hui population is second only to Ningxia and Gansu, ranking third in the country. Among the countries along the “the Belt and Road,” six countries in Central Asia, 20 Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa, and 10 other Asian and European countries are Islamic countries. The ethnic minority culture of Henan, represented by the Hui culture, is an important resource for “the Belt and Road” initiative. It has unique cultural advantages in “the Belt and Road” consensus-driven project context. In terms of tourism development, the cultural resources of ethnic minorities in Henan Province have both significant resources and significant advantages in location and transportation. There are also a number of problems such as lack of government functions, inadequate marketing and propaganda, weak awareness of protection, and inadequate tourism product development. Therefore, we must base ourselves on the conditions of the province, the situation, and the people, do a good job of protection and inheritance in the development process, encourage and support the training of relevant professionals, improve the marketing network, and increase propaganda; highlight national characteristics and increase participation; respect differences. Strengthen communication; develop cultural commodities and build brands; strengthen the government's leading position, formulate and implement relevant development plans, grant policies, and financial support, and adopt informal measures to encourage and support the development of ethnic minority cultural tourism.


The Belt and Road, Henan, Ethnic Culture, Tourism Development.