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Teaching Design of Calligraphy Course in Primary School Based on the ARCS Model

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.039


Boran Shi

Corresponding Author

Boran Shi


Under the educational background of the new curriculum reform, the education and teaching of calligraphy courses have been reformed and innovated and gradually optimized. However, some teachers have ignored the important factor of learning motivation when designing calligraphy courses. This study introduces the ARCS motivation model created by Professor Keller in the United States, which is of great value in motivating and maintaining students' learning motivation. Based on the ARCS motivation model, the study argues that calligraphy teaching should focus on the following four points: using diversified teaching methods to attract students' attention; strengthening the longitudinal integration with other subjects to establish relevant connections between what is learned and oneself; using a variety of calligraphy curriculum teaching assessments to establish innovative assessment systems and strategies; and focusing on the teaching process to give students a sense of satisfaction.


ARCS Model, Calligraphy Course, Instructional Design