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An Analysis of Effective Ways to Cultivate Young Marxists in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.038


Lian Yuxin

Corresponding Author

Lian Yuxin


According to the current state of development in the country, the training of young Marxists in colleges has gradually become a strategic project, which is also related to the process of my country??s socialist modernization, and its practical significance is for Marxism. The development of the country has the effect of advancing. Although all colleges and universities have been promoting this activity in recent years, significant effects have also been obtained in this activity. However, in the face of the advent of a new era, some problems will still emerge. Therefore, further strengthening and improvement work is needed while continuing to promote this activity. Persist in the use of Marxist scientific theories to guide the growth of young people, combine the actual development needs of the current youth subject, and focus on cultivating the critical spirit of college youth, so as to create a new era of Marxist practitioners and qualified socialist successors in China.


young Marxists, colleges and universities, path