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Application Strategy of Folk Printing and Dyeing Technology in College Art Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.054


Lu Hong

Corresponding Author

Lu Hong


Printing and dyeing art is a folk printing and dyeing process with a long history, which expresses its unique artistic charm with rich color patterns and special fold texture, and is still favored by people today. In today's society, folk art is constantly showing its charm with the progress of people's society, and has also become a brand-new cultural activity. Printing and dyeing art with cultural meaning not only represents traditional culture, but also has modern thoughts. With the development of modern technology, the traditional handicraft technology is gradually combined with modern technology, and the combination of the two is the icing on the cake for artistic creation. This paper discusses the relationship between modern art design and folk printing and dyeing technology, as well as the ways to integrate folk printing and dyeing technology with college art teaching, and analyzes how to apply folk printing and dyeing technology in college art teaching in detail.


Folk printing and dyeing process, Art teaching, Artistic features