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Research on Cultural Creative Product Design Based on Traditional Ceramic Craft

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.053


Zhiyan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhiyan Zhang


Painted pottery and black pottery have existed since the Neolithic Age, and ceramics with unique characteristics of the times have been developed in every subsequent dynasty, especially in the Tang Dynasty, where ceramic technology and artistic creation have reached a very high level. Creative products of ceramic arts and crafts sold in art galleries, memorial halls and art exhibitions are often expensive in design, beautiful in shape and profound in connotation. In addition, the consumption of cultural and creative products is increasing with the overall improvement of national economic level and the substantial improvement of residents' consumption ability. However, traditional cultural and creative products are out of date, especially ceramic cultural and creative products, which are not very promising in the market at present. With the growth of economic level, people's consumption concept has also changed greatly, and their awareness of cultural and creative products has also improved. More and more people begin to pay attention to and buy cultural and creative products. This paper mainly puts forward design concepts and principles for the product design and application level division of traditional ceramic technology, and analyzes the cases of representative ceramic cultural and creative products in the market, so as to further clarify the feasibility of contemporary design innovation of traditional ceramic technology and promote the contemporary productive protection of Chinese traditional ceramic culture and technology.


Traditional ceramic craft, cultural creativity, design concept