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Research on Artistic Features and Value of Mozart's Piano Sonata in C Minor

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.052


Zhongguo Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhongguo Zhang


Mozart's keyboard music style inherited from Baroque period, and also reflected the music trend at that time, but it could establish its own unique music style. Up to now, its influence can't be ignored. From the perspective of learners and performers, the author makes an in-depth discussion on the artistic features and value of Mozart's Piano Sonata in c Minor. The author hopes that the research and demonstration in this paper will help readers provide valuable suggestions, help and inspiration in the teaching and performance of this work, enrich people's understanding of Mozart's piano sonata, and play a positive role in the research, education and performance of piano works.


Mozart, Piano Sonata in c Minor, Artistic features, artistic value