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Research on audio test of Chinese national musical instruments based on subjective perception and objective audio characteristics

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.051


Yang Qing

Corresponding Author

Yang Qing


Music and voice interaction become the necessary interface of all kinds of personal and home devices, and users' pursuit of high sound quality becomes the driving force of product quality. Higher quality sound requires higher precision measurement, but the industrial trend is ruthlessly reducing production costs. So better and faster become the requirements of sound test system. From the perspective of subjective perception score and objective audio characteristics, this paper studies the audio test of 37 common Chinese national musical instruments. According to the subjective perception scores of musical instruments, a visual subjective audio description method is proposed, and the similarity matrix of subjective timbre is obtained by calculating the differences between audio perception vectors. Then the objective audio features representing timbre are extracted, and the differences between features are calculated to obtain the similarity matrix of objective timbre features.


Subjective perception, objective audio characteristics, Chinese national musical instruments, audio testing