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Research on Cultural and Creative Product Design under the Background of Chinese Traditional Culture Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.049


Yu An

Corresponding Author

Yu An


With the development of economic globalization, countries are more and more closely connected, interrelated and influence each other, which promotes the mutual blending and infiltration of ideas and cultures. Chinese culture formed in the historical process has been passed down from generation to generation. Reasonable protection and promotion of traditional culture is of great significance. The reconstruction of contemporary life requires the addition of specific carriers closely related to traditional culture in contemporary life, and the development of cultural and creative products systems with diverse forms, distinctive features, creativity and strong competitiveness. The profound cultural heritage has created a good opportunity for the development of Chinese cultural creative products. Using Chinese traditional cultural elements to carry out the design of cultural and creative products can realize the innovative development. Innovative research of cultural and creative products meets the needs of industrial development and market competition, and is also an inevitable choice to keep pace with social development. In his paper, common traditional elements and existing problems in the design of cultural and creative products are analyzed, and the innovative design and application strategy of traditional elements in cultural and creative products is deeply discussed.


Wenchuang product design, Cultural and creative products, traditional culture